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Cooling zone

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Strefa schladzania SPARest after the surgery area full of hot steam in the bath or sauna is an extremely popular facility in each cooling zone. It is associated mainly with standard showers and shower experience, and it really is a component of many different solutions and approaches. The more such resources in a modern commercial building, of course, suitably arranged in space, the more popular it becomes in the eyes of customers.

Everyone loves variety in fact, not only functional but also aesthetic. Cooling zone perfectly introduces in the multi-dimensional climate. When using the shower experience customers using wellness can benefit from a comprehensive range of visual and sensory. Snow cave moves in polar climate, and the Kneipp's path stimulates the body to active work. And this is just a few examples of what can be found in the professional cooling zone, which is equal to the surface of the wet zone of the SPA.

Equipping of each cooling zone proposed and scripted by the staff of our company depends on the effects of individual consultation on the desires, preferences and expectations for the whole building devoted to commercial purposes. We have many proposals and ideas that we are able to deploy to any space. In the case of a restricted area or budget for the SPA area, we have ideas to facilitate combining multiple functions in compact, modular units.


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