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Sauna heater

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An important element of the sauna is a sauna heater. Historically, traditional saunas were heated with wood heaters and needed a chimney flue. Such solutions are still used. Today, more suitable solutions using equipment powered by electricity from the fully automatic settings. They are easy to use and allow you to get a variety of climates in the cabin sauna.

The quality of the heater has an impact on comfort and operating costs. Our company imports the equipment from the best European producers. A well-designed, carefully and professionally installed in the sauna heater with a system of measurement - control requires no maintenance and is very durable.

piec do sauny

Company WANDEX conducts research and tests performed for the implementation of energy consumption during the operation. Tests confirm that all the energy consumed by the equipment needed to bask sauna is small, its consumption depending on the number of beneficiaries ranges from tens of cents per 1 hour of operation. Increased energy consumption occurs during the generation of steam - increase in proportion to the amount of evaporated water. Each time the test is necessary to heat the sauna and steam bath, to avoid excessive consumption of electricity. Developed by years of experience developing special dividends also the formula for calculating the heat balance of the sauna.

This requires knowledge of the insulating materials used, method of construction of thermal baffles and channels such as the floor. The amount and temperature of supply air is also taken into account. Especially for commercial saunas because of the need to maintain constant parameters, with great care to make the calculation and selection of the appropriate unit. Below is a greatly simplified diagram of thermal capacity of the furnace.

piece wykres mocy cieplnej

In a home stay in a sauna with a combi heater becomes not only a captivating experience for the senses, but also a wellness screening, preventive screening for the body. Combi heaters are the technical finesse, the highest functionality with many years of work engineers engaged in selection of the finest materials composing a finely impressive whole. In technical terms, and mode of action heater in the sauna installed by our company is synonymous with the highest standard of quality measures for commercial saunas, and even more at home. All programs are precisely controlled by a control system installed - measurement and control. And so it does not require constant supervision, it has protection against making a mistake in the desired parameter settings. They are safe.

What type of sauna heater you should choose?

When selecting the sauna heater you should answer many questions:

  • how many people will stay in the sauna cycle or individual stages,
  • what kinds of climates you want to create in sauna cabin,
  • what shape of sauna cabin you have,
  • how many glazed surfaces you have in your sauna.

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