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Saunas Center presents an offer of dry sauna (Finnish sauna) and steam bath. Wandex Saunas are made using the best Finnish technology, both for commercial and home use. Sauna is an investment in the health and well being. With the steam bath in the sauna we feel younger, healthier and have more energy. Proven technology, careful selection and choice of high quality materials that guarantee comfort and security of the use of the sauna. What's more, as the only company in Poland we constructs Finnish sauna cabins and steam saunas with curved glass.

Steam sauna, sauna infrared or dry sauna blended into the modern interior of the house is now not only a luxury item, but also a pleasant opportunity to care for the health and well being of occupants. We realize how important in today's busy times is the opportunity to relax and regenerate the body. Home sauna is one of the investment in the vitality and good mood, which gives a hundred percent, visible results.

Quality in every detail

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". We are aware that every element of our products plays an important role in meeting your needs. The task of our products is to create conditions of full wellness.

Producent saun

As a manufacturer of saunas we gained huge experience that allows us to use technology which guarantee comfort and safety. Finnish sauna and steam bath are designed by us using a curved glass, what distinguishes our company from the competition.

sauna domowa

We are able to create a project for the sauna room at any volume and technical requirements. We can adapt the proposed solution to the drawbacks such as bevels, a small space, etc. and make them great, original advantage. Always we take into account the individual needs, expectations and preferences of future users.

Taking a bath in the sauna is a quick way to regain youth, health and energy. It improves circulation, strength, appearance and elasticity of the skin, prevent respiratory infections and rheumatic disorders, regulate sleep disorders, help fight overweight and cellulite, as well as regulate blood pressure and increase muscular endurance. Regularly using sauna bathing is therefore able to exert a significant, positive impact on every body.

Health by sauna

The activities Wandex - Center Saunas - is based on a philosophy known for centuries salutary impact of sauna bathing on the health and human form Sauna speeds up the excretion of toxins. During the session we get rid of unwanted toxins and metabolites. We burn calories and purify the body. Anyone who has even once took advantage of knows the feeling of blissful peace and relaxation, because along with the toxins is also burned our stress. After this cycle, we feel strong, younger and with positive energy, which allows to overcome the most difficult task.

Curved glass

As one of the few companies in Poland, we constructs Finnish sauna cabins and steam saunas with curved glass. Curved glass optically enlarges the sauna. Using this type of glass works in particular embodiments of the cabins with a relatively small size. It's a perfect solution in the case of a single infrared cabin. Curved windows mounted in the cab , in the PORTAL type, fit perfectly to the interior, dominated by circular arcs and shapes


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